I Got What I Asked For

I said we needed a weekend in Portland - no hiking, no backpacking, mosquito-free.  We got it.  Big... because we were cooped up in the apartment all weekend, both of us ragingly sick.  We're on the tail end of two miserable days now, but we're both exhausted and bummed to have missed a beautiful weekend in the city.  In between taking naps and groaning in pain on the sofa, I tried to be as productive as I could so the weekend didn't feel like a total waste.  Kitchen cupboards were cleaned.  Teak furniture was oiled.  Plants were tended to.  And jewelry was made.  Lots of it.  Turns out I was more productive this weekend than I have been in a while.  Maybe getting sick was just what I needed.


Soon I'll feel up to making jewelry drop-offs to Portland boutiques.  Until then, you can still find necklaces and earrings in my sulu-design shop, with 100% of selling price going to Portland's Friends of the Children.


house on hill road said...

feel better, susan! i love those greens and blues - so pretty.

LeeAnn said...

Love that beautiful jade green color!

So I'm not the only one that has to make sick time productive time as well. Why is it so hard to be restful?