The Bug and The Blues

I felt pretty crummy this weekend.  A sinus infection maybe?  It was gorgeous in Portland, though, and I - sick or not - intended on taking full advantage of the amazing summer we're having.  Barry and I spent hours with books at the beach and at our local park.  We strolled around town in the evening hours while the city was still hot and the shadows grew long.  We ate and drank at sidewalk cafes and restaurant patios.  And when we'd had enough sun and/or the crumminess took over, I retreated inside and made jewelry.  Lots of jewelry.  I ended up having a nice, long weekend despite whatever bug I've got.

I've been remiss about photographing my recent jewelry designs.  There are, in fact, new collections of sulu-design at betsy & iya and at Noun that I didn't document with photos here.  So I made a point to get back on track and take a few photos of pieces I made this weekend.  Most will make their way to Portland shops soon.  Some might end up in the sulu-design etsy shop (Carolyn pointed out that it's currently empty).  And I might keep one or two myself... there are lots of blues in these pieces, and I do love blues. 


house on hill road said...

i hope you are feeling better by now. xo.

Carolyn said...

I ALREADY SEE SOME THAT I WANT. just sayin'. :) Hope you feel better soon!!!