For the Friends of the Children

I've gotten requests for the sulu-design etsy shop to be updated.  It's been empty for months now, I know.  I'm in summer-mode!  But when you ask, I can't say no.  I thought I'd have a few of the latest necklaces to fill up the shop, but after making my drop-off rounds to Tumbleweed, betsy & iya, Tender Loving Empire, and Noun in the recent weeks, I have absolutely no new designs left.  I did, however, pick up a few sulu-design pieces that haven't sold at those shops, so those are now listed at reduced prices in the sulu-design etsy shop.  There are also a handful of previously listed earrings that are on sale for ten bucks a pair.

I'm excited to announce that 100 percent of the selling price of all of the pieces that are now in my shop will be donated to Friends of the Children, a Portland organization that does amazing things for children in my community.  Maybe it's because one of the people who asked for a shop update is a teacher, maybe it's because my former student getting in touch with me has me thinking about my own teaching days, maybe it's because my friend Robin's recent experiences traveling and working in schools in Asia have me thinking about kids and their welfare.  Whatever it is, I'm feeling inspired right now to do something that will benefit kids who need it.  Have a look at the earrings and necklaces in the sulu-design etsy shop and know that their sales will benefit a wonderful cause.











Mom said...

How wonderful and generous of you Suzy to donate your sales for those children!

And look at the impact you made on the young student you had when he was in your 6th grade class! What this meant for him as he went forward academically has certainly made a difference in his life.

Dad and I are always so proud of what you have done and continue to do. Love always, Mom

Estate said...

You are generous in so many ways and see how it has come back to you in your former student, thats good karma!

Can you email me your address? I would like to mail you something.