Not Making the Cut

We've collected a lot of metal stuff over the years.  We've been suckers for old, industrial-feeling, worn things for a couple decades now.  When we came across metal with red paint on it, it was practically irresistible to us.  It's time to cut some loose.  We're holding on to some of the bigger pieces - stools, shelves, the mixer attachment.  But we're getting rid of some of the little decorative pieces that we found at flea markets and junk stores.  Each of these pieces reminds me of somewhere we lived, somewhere we traveled, something we did.  But as my sister told her son (who has a really hard time getting rid of anything) - the memories don't live in the things we keep, they live in our heads and hearts.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I have been getting rid of more things in droves lately and recently had a conversation with someone who has all his crafts show trades packed away, but cannot bear to part with them. I have been donating items that are "not making the cut" to an organization that sells items donated by crafts artists (made by them and others, such as collected items from trades or otherwise) to fund after school arts programs in an area rural community. No dice for him. I have another delivery to make for the August sale.

Carolyn said...

hey lady, there's nothing in your etsy shop right now... is there? JUST WONDERING. ;)