Freezerful of Compost

We keep a container under the kitchen sink in which we collect food scraps for compost.  We don't have a yard and we don't have compost pick-up at our apartment building, so when our little container is full I dump the contents into a produce bag and pop it in the freezer to keep it from getting stinky.  When a few bags accumulate, I bring them to friends who put the contents in their own yard bins.  Every once in a while, I forget to make the hand off.  And the compost bags pile up.  While getting ready for Barry's parents' visit, I realized I hadn't made a compost hand off in far too long.  I couldn't believe that we had room for anything else in the freezer when I pulled all of the compost bags out.   And I can't believe that we used to fill up garbage bags with all of this stuff for years. 

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Shona~ LALA dex press said...

No problem.

Just add it to my compost bin, like my apartment dwelling co-worker does when her freezer gets full.