It's Been A While

It's been a busy few weeks since I checked in last.  Here's a little catch-up:

A little over a month ago, I left a wonderful job that I'd had for the entire six and a half years that I've lived in Portland.  Deciding it was time for me to go was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make.  I worked in a beautiful environment for a creative, generous woman with a group of awesome gals.  I enjoyed my responsibilities and felt good at what I did.  But I'd been having a nagging feeling that I needed a change.  I needed to explore new things, both in and out of work.

I thought I'd take some time off and do some thinking, figure out what to do next.  Go back to school?  Switch job paths completely?  A terrific opportunity presented itself sooner than I thought it would, and now I find myself working for another creative woman and her husband and with another group of awesome people.  Funny how things happen.

So there wasn't much time off, but there has been exploration of new things.  At work, I'm focusing on getting over my technophobia.  And I'm being intentional about being more easy-going than I've been in the past.  I'm riding my bike to work, even when it rains (okay, usually even when it rains).  So, new things at work.

And I'm trying new things in my personal life, too.  I've gone to a bouldering gym with a friend and have been reminded that new physical and mental challenges are exciting to me.  More of those to come.  I've signed up for the wheel-thrown ceramics class that I've been thinking about taking for ages.  I don't want to put too much on my plate at once, but dance and metalsmithing classes won't be far behind.

So that's what's up.  That and lots more.  Good movies.  Lots of socializing.  Eating out.  Staying in.  Repotting plants.  Making jewelry.  Generally feeling good.  I hope you are, too.