Working at Home on Snowy Days



Portland was hit with an unusual amount of snow this weekend.  Since we're a city that's not prepared for that sort of thing (the roads are crazy scary), lots of places around town have been shut down, including the shop where I work.  And a multi-boutique sale at which I was going to work (and at which I was going to offer previous seasons' sulu-design earrings at sale prices) was cancelled.  Since I've found myself at home with extra time on my hands, I thought I'd offer some of those marked-down earrings in the sulu-design etsy shop.  All of the earrings above retailed for $28 at boutiques here in Portland.  They're on sale now in my etsy shop - most for $16 a pair.  As a reminder, I am now charging a little shipping fee on purchases from my etsy shop, but it's a small flat rate regardless of how many items you order.  Sounds like a good time to pick up a few pairs to me.

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