While strolling around our neighborhood this weekend, Barry and I stopped into a new little luncheonette that I've been excited to try - Maurice.  It's a cute, cute, cute little spot.  We weren't hungry enough for a full meal, so we ordered a couple sweet treats to share.  The carrot and seed tea cake was ridiculously good (the stick of butter on top - yep, that's butter down there - didn't hurt), and the lemon souffle pudding cake was tart and sweet and creamy and pure goodness.  My one criticism is that we felt a little too doted upon, but that won't keep us from going back again.  And again.  Next time, savory.



Connie said...

that's all butter?! now, I love butter, but that looks like A LOT.

Mom said...

YUM! right up my alley!

You take such great pictures, I could eat off the page! Love, Mom