Angel's Rest

 I've had a lot on my mind recently.  Last weekend the skies were gorgeously clear and sunny, so I decided to head to the Columbia River Gorge for a hike.  I wanted to be by myself, have lots of uninterrupted time to think and figure things out.  I brought my camera and a notebook.

I hadn't considered that tons of other people might be drawn to hike Angel's Rest on such a beautiful day.  Solitude was not to be had on this hike.  I also didn't realize how insanely windy and cold it would be at the top of the trail.  I had to hold on to trees to keep my balance as the wind whipped through the gorge.  Making lists and jotting notes wasn't in the cards up there.  My figuring things out plan was totally foiled.  I did, however, get stunning views of the Columbia, and I began the break-in process on my first pair of real hiking boots.

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Mom said...

Let's see a picture of those boots!

Sounded a little dangerous! Be careful!

As always, love, Mom