Those Are Not the Same Eggs from the Last Post

We had baked eggs again for breakfast this weekend.  This time, I cracked them over broccoli and chicken sausage and topped them with a sprinkling of Parmesan and bread crumbs.  All of those ingredients were leftovers from dinner the night before, which I served over a bowl of penne.

I mention this because at the start of this new year, I've been thinking back on 2013 - what worked and what didn't.  One thing that worked really well for me was the advice in Tamar Alder's An Everlasting Meal to roast an ovenful of different vegetables once a week.  I ended up doing this rather faithfully for most of the last year*, using the vegetables in various meals throughout the week.  This practice was time saving, it made after-work meal preparations stress-free, it cut down on my trips to the grocery store, and it meant that most nights we ate rather healthy meals.  I did, however, get into ruts with the meals I'd make around the vegetables I'd roasted.  Some version of that penne dish is dinner at least once a week at our place.  We have our fair share of rice or polenta with roasted vegetables.  And eggs with veggies show up for breakfast and dinner with some regularity.  I'm looking to expand my repertoire a bit by playing around with spices and grains that aren't my usual go-tos.

So... what worked for you in 2013?  What habits are you keeping around?  What are you tweaking?

*While I started out the vegetable roasting practice by filling the entire oven with vegetables once a week, I found there were a few drawbacks to roasting so many vegetables every seven days.  First, having lots of vegetables in the oven at once made it very steamy... so steamy that the vegetables didn't brown the way I like them to.  Some of the vegetables ended up a little mushy.  Also, by the time some of the vegetables sat in the refrigerator for six days, they ended up being not so enticing.  I roast fewer vegetables at a time now, and do it every four or five days.  Works for me.


Stephanie Fazio (aka lealou) said...

Yum. That egg dish looks and sounds delish!! Happy New Year!

dad said...

Hi Suzy, I can see why you love that place...haven't
tasted the food but, Man, their ducks (geese?) are
all in a row just as you like 'em!
Miss you, love, Dad

Connie said...

Oh I like that roasting vegetable idea... sounds good for more hectic weeks. This year, we pretty much put a fried or poached egg on everything. 2013 was the year of the egg on top. They really elevate every meal.