Dun Dun Duuuun!


Spelling out sound effects is hard, but hopefully you get the intended effect of that title.  It's to let you know how much that little sliver of unpainted kitchen wall creeps me out all the time.  I wake up to a view of the kitchen while laying in bed from about this angle every day, and every day it kills me.  As if it's not bad enough that it's there in the first place, the fact that the line of paint isn't parallel with the side of the refrigerator just adds insult to injury.  When I painted the kitchen several months back, I took the lazy way out and didn't pull the refrigerator out of it's nook to paint behind it.  Some of you may be surprised at that knowing me and my tendencies, but honestly I sometimes really do like to take the lazy way out of things.  In this case, though, the result was an eyesore (right, Cheryl... you saw this in person and were shocked that I'd live with that white strip, no?).  Today I finally dealt with it.

Much better.  There was a big bonus to the little project, although getting rid of that white strip was satisfying enough.  I got to clean underneath the refrigerator, which I haven't done in the three years we've lived in this place.  In a moment of let's be real, people, I give you this:

That's all cleaned up now.  Raise your hand if you know how amazing that feels.


Connie said...

Clean under the fridge? Is that really something we're supposed to do? eek! It's so funny the things that we notice about our projects (that probably no one else does) - like the bit of white paint. But it does look fantastic now!

Mom said...

Now could you come and do ours?????? And move the fridge too, but am not sure how to detach the ice maker or if you have to when pulling the fridge out. Your brother has commented on the area several times!

Your place looks fantastic!
Love, Mom

Mariss said...

Nice job, and I'm glad that you got it completed since it was bugging you so much! Also, I saw a an Allstate commercial recommending people clean under their fridges at least 2 times a year (I'm with you on the 3 years since though...) to prevent house fires. So major kudos there!

Isn't it funny how it's the teeniest little things that weigh on us for so long? Those are worse than the big things!

P.S. Love the "keeping it real glimpse"!