Death of the 45

The forty-five degree angle, that is.  I've (yet again) done away with the forty-five degree angle layout of our apartment.  History shows I go back and forth a lot on this whole angle arrangement thing.  The deciding factor that tipped the scales in favor of the current set-up?  Truth be told, it's more comfortable for two people to view the television screen while sitting on the sofa if the sofa is perpendicular to the television rather than if the sofa is on a forty-five degree angle.  When the sofa is on a forty-five degree angle, one person gets the prime viewing corner and the other one cranes her neck to get a good view (note my use of a gender-specific pronoun there).  This winter, we've been watching our fair share of movies along with the entire run of Arrested Development on dvd.  With more television viewing than usual going on, you're damn straight the sofa is facing the screen head on.  And the rest of the furniture falls into place around it.  Yes, I just admitted that the television played the pivotal role in deciding how I arranged the apartment this time around.  More of the keeping it real, people.  So, here's the grid we've got going on now:

And there's more apartment fussing in the works.  An office/studio nook will (hopefully) soon be transformed into an office/library nook.  Might this mean away with the sulu-design work table?  Such suspense!


Cheryl Arkison said...

I love your space so much, no matter how you arrange it.

Connie said...

I agree with Cheryl. Your home is just so great looking! I welcome all this switching around because it gives us all a chance to see more pictures of your awesome place.

Robin Forsythe said...

I love that you're watching arrested development, I can picture you laughing. Sarah and I spent evenings watching it and laughing our selves silly.

Marissa said...

It looks as beautiful as ever. As a trained designer, I always lean towards function first (and ergonomics!) But I also lean towards 90 degree angles myself, so I really like it. You can do no wrong though.

It is hard when living rooms these days are determined by TV set ups, but it is a realistic issue most people deal with. I always get stuck with the bad side of the sofa too. However, you do have non-TV areas of your house dedicated to other tasks which I think is awesome, like your music area if I remember correctly. Enjoying catching up with your life and hope all is well! Mariss