Oso Market + Bar



We've only been to Oso twice, but Barry and I are getting hooked on the place.  It's part bar, part bottle shop, and part market.  There are cases full of bottled beers to choose from as well as a few good beers on tap.  They've got a huge wine selection.  The walls are lined with goodies like salts, mustards, chocolates, and cheeses for sale.  And the food they serve is delicious.  We've had tasty, inventive sandwiches for lunch and treats like chorizo-stuffed, bacon-wrapped dates with blue cheese and honey for snacks.  The owners and staff are friendly and knowledgeable.  The huge windows offer great views of Portland's skyline across the Morrison Bridge.  And it's a couple blocks away from Grand Marketplace.  It's the perfect place to spend some time on a Sunday afternoon.  Maybe one of our favorite places to do so.

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