Broder Nord

The original Broder is one of my favorite spots in Portland for breakfast or lunch (we've never made it there for dinner, but I bet it's pretty darn good for that, too).  Comforting food, a beautiful interior, friendly staff - it's a little gem of a neighborhood restaurant.  But it's not in our neighborhood.  So we were psyched about the opening of Broder Nord... within walking distance from our apartment.  This weekend, we had a tasty lunch of sandwiches and pickled sides and beers followed by pastries and coffees - we were hungry!  It was all delicious.  There are lots of new restaurants in Portland that we're excited to try out, but I can say already that Broder Nord is going to be in our regular rotation.

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mjb said...

But does it have a circle mirror in the bathroom for old school flickr selfies?