A Recent Walk...


provided me with images that were perfect for Original Intent posts.  I came home from that walk, uploaded the images, and then wrote the following blog post:

I know I recently mentioned that I might do more Original Intent posts.  As it turns out, though, I'm enjoying the photo-taking part of the project right now, but I'm not so excited by the jewelry-making part.  A couple weeks ago, I asked what worked for you in the past year.  One thing that worked for me was easing up on self-imposed obligations.  The Original Intent project can feel like one of those obligations if I let it.  So for now, I'll continue to enjoy taking photos.  And I might stash a few away until I'm feeling motivated, not obligated, to create jewelry pairings for them.

I saved the above post and thought about it a while before publishing it.  And the more I thought about it, the more I realized something.  Some of the obligations that I self-impose are worth imposing. Sometimes I don't feel like working out, but when I feel that way I usually I make myself work out anyhow, and I've never once regretted making myself do it.  I have, though, regretted a few times when I haven't made myself do it.  That goes for lots of other little obligations (not all of them, but lots of them) that I self-impose - there's often enough payoff that comes from them that they're worth doing.  I realized the Original Intent project might fall into the category of self-imposed-obligations-that-have-worthwhile-payoff.  So I forced myself to start working on jewelry pairings for the photos that I took and I immediately realized that it wasn't the making of the jewelry that was holding me back at all.  The jewelry making actually came easily.  I realized instead that it was the next step - the step in which I photograph and edit the photos of the jewelry using a software program that I'm not comfortable with - that was holding me back.  Once I figured that out, I asked Barry for the help I needed, I digested as much of that help as I could (technology and I aren't the best of friends, you know), and I worked on the jewelry photos.  What I'd chalked up to lack of creative inspiration was actually intimidation.  I'm intimidated by many things computer-related, and I was letting that get in the way of my Original Intent project.  My self-imposed Original Intent project.  Which I'm glad I self-imposed.  Because now I know a little more about our photo-editing software.  And I've got a week's worth of Original Intent posts to share with you.  Finally.


Carolyn said...

YAY YOU for figuring that out!!

LeeAnn said...

I think blogging became what you described for me. I am working on finding ways that it does not seemed forced and to not feel like I need to compare my blogging against others. I find that I am using a tablet for my internet viewing vs a laptop now and blogging on a tablet (writing and editing photos) is so much more difficult on a tablet.

Cheryl Arkison said...

Good lesson there.

To be honest, I've always been frustrated with the Blogging Without Obligation theme seen out there. If you are going to create a blog then you should populate it. Otherwise, keep your creations at home and don't worry about it. But seeing the blogging part as part of the creative endeavour is always worthwhile. Good stuff.

marissa said...

100 years later, BUT....what about Instagram? I know you aren't the type to want one more social media, but it's such a great microblogging tool, and you snap and you're done.

I've been trying to limit my obligations, and only do what I really want to, and let some things slide. (blogging, obviously for me, though I feel like writing again..) Although, I agree with you on how certain obligations can make you feel better.

These days I feel like I'm struggline with just getting throguh the day and "catching up", though can you really ever "catch up"? Is that a pipe dream?

Do men feel the pressure of these self-imposed obligations? Oh, how I wish we lived nearby! We could sit and have coffee (or a real drink!) and talk about this stuff for which people like us seem to be wired similarly.

Okay, officially wrote way too much. Miss you and hope all is well! And life is good - and I'm not stressing about having everything be perfect or clean, etc :)

Seriously though, I just love instagram.