Chichen Itza



I was more prepared for the mind-boggling Mayan ruins than I was prepared for the throngs of tourists and countless souvenir stands that surrounded them.  Speaking of the souvenir stands, Barry was particularly taken with a whistle-like doodad sold throughout the site that made a sound like a roaring jaguar.  We didn't come home with the whistle, but Barry imitated the sound rather well himself more than a few times over the course of the trip.

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Mom said...

Aren't those awesome buildings, monuments? How to understand how they could be built without the machinery we have now and have stood the test of time.

Unlike what we do, build malls, black top enormous parking lots, then desert the malls, tear them down and put up other ones.

Your pictures are gorgeous - in the previous post too!

What a wonderful birthday trip! Love, Mom