New sulu-design at Tumbleweed

The most recent round of necklaces that were available at Tumbleweed went rather quickly, so a whole new collection is available at the shop now:

More with the Mushrooms

Barry went biking with his restaurant-working buddy again.  He came home with mushrooms that they found on the ride again, too.  This time they were chanterelles and hedgehogs.  I sauteed them in a little butter with red onions and thyme and served them over scrambled eggs with ricotta folded in. 


Trail to Table

Barry goes mountain biking with a buddy of his who's a cook at a local restaurant.  The last time they rode together, this buddy was keeping his eyes peeled for mushrooms growing in the wild - mushrooms that he'd take back to work with him to serve at the restaurant.  He was nice enough to give Barry one of his finds that day - a big hunk of sparassis, commonly known as cauliflower mushroom.  It looked so cool and it was incredibly tasty - rich and earthy.  Roasted with a little salt, pepper, and olive oil and served with risotto, it made for a perfect fall dinner.


The Return

It's becoming a habit of mine - crying when I leave a wonderful vacation.  It happened again last week.  The tears can be deceptive, though, because I'm always happy to come home, even from the best vacations.  At the end of our week in Mexico, I was particularly excited to get back home for two reasons.

First, the day before we left for Mexico, a succulent that we've had for years suddenly produced a little strange looking bud.  I was dying to see what would become of it!  While we were away, I was a real dork about that bud, wondering if it was growing or changing and hoping that it would still be there when we returned.  As soon as we got home from the airport, I bee-lined it over to the plant and found an insane (and somewhat stinky) flower that bloomed from the little green bud.  I can't tell you how excited that flower made me.

Second, I was happy to be home so I could have my Barry-made birthday dinner.  He knocked it out of the park with rockfish in artichoke and tomato broth followed by chocolate cake with chocolate espresso frosting (he called my mom for the recipe on this requested birthday treat).





Pristine beaches of white sand that felt like flour on my toes.  Startlingly blue water.  Dramatic skies crisscrossed with the flight of with prehistoric-looking birds.  Total relaxation.  (Except for the time spent in traffic downtown - the driving there scared me to death.)



I was prepared for the wonders of Chichen Itza.  I had no idea how breath-taking the remains of the walled Mayan city of Tulum would be.  Situated right on the Caribbean Sea, the buildings, the vegetation, and the beaches there were spectacular.