Goodbye, Goodbye, Hello

A month ago, I mentioned that my life was feeling a little too hectic so I was working on eliminating some commitments in order to have a little more peace in my days.  One thing I needed to scale back on, even though I hated to admit it, was the number of stores that carry sulu-design jewelry.  It's a lot of work getting jewelry to several different shops.  Photographing one-of-a-kind pieces, e-mailing images to shop owners, packing and shipping orders or driving them around town - it takes a lot of time.  All of that on top of actually making the jewelry and working my full-time job has made for too much on my plate.  I knew scaling back would be hard to do since I am really fond of each and every shop that has carried my jewelry.  I am so appreciative of the opportunity that the shop owners have given me by carrying sulu-design in their stores, and I didn't want to seem ungrateful by pulling my pieces out of their shops.  And I'll admit that it's been exciting to have my earrings and necklaces in shops all over Portland, in New York City, in Texas, and even in Sweden.  But I've finally faced the fact that I have to scale back and stick with the shops that are the most convenient for me to get my jewelry to - period.

It is with sadness that I've recently parted with Flirt in Brooklyn, one of the first boutiques to stock sulu-design jewelry.  Nine years ago they gave me an awesome opportunity to have my pieces in their shop.  There's a great team of women running Flirt, and I'll miss my regular interaction with them.  But we are on opposite sides of the country and it's time for me to wrap things up on the east coast.  I also had to say goodbye to Union Rose here in Portland.  The owner, Nicole, is an amazing champion of locally made goods and for more than three years has been a big supporter of my jewelry.  But my work hours are too similar to her shop hours for me to conveniently make drop-offs.  Happily, though, I'll still be able to get to Union Rose every once in a while to say hello and check out the latest goods from other Portland-based designers, including Nicole herself.

Oddly enough, the very week that I decided that I needed to scale back, I was contacted about my jewelry by Rachel, the owner of a cute shop on NE Fremont.  The shop happens to be located near my job and it opens an hour before I have to be at work - perfect timing for jewelry appointments.  Hmmm...  Seeing that Rachel is incredibly friendly and understanding of my situation, that her shop is just adorable, and that drop-offs should be easy, sulu-design will now be available at Bridge City Mercantile.  You'll still be able to find sulu-design jewelry at Tumbleweed, Tender Loving Empire, and Betsy & Iya, too.  And you'll still find me here, a little less frazzled.


Carolyn said...

I totally thought this was a post about quitting your blog and I just want you to know I FREAKED OUT.


Jessica Nichols said...

I thought what Carolyn did too at first. Phew. I am on a big mission to visit blogs again. It brought me such joy and I don't know why I stopped visiting my favorite bloggers like you.

I happened into Betsy & Iya purely by accident recently. I was so happy to see you there. :)

house on hill road said...

i also thought you were quitting the blog! and although i don't comment often, i'm still here. and good for you, knowing what you can handle and what has to go. that's hard to realize for most people. xo.

Stephanie Fazio (aka lealou) said...

Congrats on knowing when to step back and reassess your time allotments! Now if only you sold your jewelry in a store in Toronto ;).

marissa said...

good for you - and I'm sure you parted on good terms with great rationale. I totally respect you for doing what is best for you and Barry.

PS the jaguar roars Barry was making sounds hilarious!