Wallowa-Whitman: Day Four

We woke, made a fire, and drank more camping coffee than I've ever had in one sitting.  I loved it.  We made the 6 mile hike back to our starting point, passing a couple mule deer along the way.  Only when we were almost back at the trail head did Barry admit that the tracks that I'd seen on the trails (and that I'd been commenting on regularly while we were hiking) were indeed mountain lion tracks.  Back to the car, on to Enterprise, Oregon, for burgers and beer at Terminal Gravity, and a 6 hour drive home through beautiful Eastern Oregon.  Amazing trip.  The end.


nicolecprevost said...

Whether it seems childish or sexist, I love that thing men do: Yesterday I killed a mouse in the kitchen... While we were hiking, those were mountain lion tracks.

Or should do. I'll always appreciate it.

Mom said...

I knew I had reason to be concerned and consequently prayed! The last time Barry backpacked he saw cougar tracks! Am so relieved that you arrived safely home and now prayers of thanks! Love, Mom

Connie said...

I'm glad you had a super awesome trip. I however, would insist information about wild animal tracks be delivered to me and not hidden.