Goat Rocks Wilderness



 (do you see our little blue tent near the center trees?)

Life has been a little hectic recently.  Not crazy, but not as smooth as I'd like.  A stolen wallet.  A six day work week.  Lots of appointments to juggle.  I'm figuring out some things that I want to eliminate from my life to make it more peaceful.  But this summer I realized that adding one thing - backpacking - gives me serious joy and a sense of calm.  Last week we went on a quick two day trip to Goat Rocks Wilderness in Washington that was just what we needed.  More photos to follow.


Connie said...

Looks lovely and rejuvenating. But no goats?!

Mom said...

Dear Suzy,

What are you eliminating? Able to replace all the items from your wallet?

Love, Mom