Wallowa-Whitman: Day Two

We started our second day with a 4 mile hike between Horseshoe and Mirror Lakes through the Lakes Basin, passing Lily, Lee, Douglas, Moccasin Lakes on the way.  Unreal.  I freaked out every 10 minutes or so about how unbelievably gorgeous it all was.  Alpine lakes kept popping up out of nowhere!

Moccasin Lake was our favorite.  No one around.  A neat land bridge that crossed the lake, bringing us to our spot where we splashed in the cold water and lounged for a bit.  Heaven, I tell you.

After making it to Mirror Lake, taking our packs off, and setting up our tent, we set off for a 2 mile hike up to Eagle Cap.  I made it as far as the eagle's shoulder before I got too nervous about the loose, exposed trail.  Barry made it all the way up to the peak.  Then back down for a hot meal and more gazing at the evening sky.


robin forsythe said...

Wow, what spectacular scenery!

Mariss said...

These pictures are unbelievable, and I'm sure it doesn't even do justice to the experience. Wow! Thanks for sharing your trip, Suzy!