Wallowa-Whitman: Day One

The 6.5 mile hike from Wallowa Lake near the town of Joseph to Six Mile Meadow in the Eagle Cap Wilderness got my body adjusted to moving with a pack on.  My lower back wasn't happy for the first mile or so, but I got the feel for things soon after that.  We stopped in the meadow and made lunch before crossing the West Fork of the Wallowa River.  The bridge there was down, so we took off our shoes and waded through in bare feet.  The water was cold and was a sweet as a massage on my legs.  We hiked 2.5 more miles up (up, up, up) to Horseshoe Lake.  Had I know what an ascent the second part of the hike would be, I probably wouldn't have been up for it mentally.  It was a good thing I didn't know - getting there in the afternoon in time to get settled and watch the evening set in was perfect.  We were greeting by a beautiful lake that made for a spectacular campsite setting.

We set up camp, made a tasty dinner, and gazed at the lake for hours.  Watching the light change as the sun set and moon rose was mesmerizing.  I was fast asleep before it really got dark out.

Oh, yes.  There are black and whites.




Mike Nettleton said...

Great pics and summary on the backpacking experience.

Now you have to talk Holly into backpacking. We just got back from a car camping trip near Sierra City, CA — it was great, but all the things you called out about car camping were on full display on our trip.

As an olive branch to your cast iron days, you can carry in a frozen steak for your first night on the trail. Defrosted by dinner time, it'll taste all the more better for being carried in on your back. Get Barry to score you some bike spokes and you can make a lightweight, compact grill to cook it on.

nicolecprevost said...

SOOOOOO lovely. That might have to be on my list next.

shari said...

gorgeousl xo

Stephanie Fazio (aka lealou) said...

These photos are unreal! Gorgeous. We went canoe camping once. I fell out of the canoe twice getting in in a matter of five minutes. It was funny the first time...;)