On The Clackamas: Day Three

The best part of last weekend's camping trip was Barry's brilliant idea.  Brilliant.  At 6:30 Monday morning, while it was still a bit dark and chilly at the campsite, Barry and I headed a few miles up the road to a hot spring, where we soaked for an hour while the sun came up.  No sound but the movement of the river, long rays of sun streaming through the steam from the spring, soothing water after a day of biking and hiking - we couldn't have asked for more.  But there was more.  After breakfast back at the campsite, we headed to Big Eddy for a day of laying on rocks and playing around in the sun.  And again, aside from a couple rafters paddling down the river, we had it all to ourselves.  This is shaping up to be our best summer in Portland yet.


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Connie said...

wow! hot springs! That is so neat. And awesome how you had it all to yourselves. I envy that.