Laying Low

 Rain last weekend thwarted camping plans.
And a dog-sitting stint kept us close to home.
I've fussed a bit with things around our place.
I'll soon repot a large plant found by a dumpster.
I defrosted the second pound cake.  The recipe made two.
And I read a book recommended a while ago
by Shari,  of which Abbie reminded me.


Because You Were Kind Enough to Ask

Several of you, my dear friends, have recently inquired about what is up with my sulu-design etsy shop.  I'd let it sit empty for quite some time, spending less and less time these days on the computer (keeping an etsy shop filled with one-of-a-kind pieces requires plenty of time on the computer).  But you asked, and I can't say no to you.  So as of this evening, the shop is again full.  There are lots of earrings and a necklace that had previously been in the shop and that I've now listed at sale prices.  And there are several new-to-the-shop earrings, too.  Click on images below to take you there:

There is a change to the shop that I struggled with for a bit - another reason the shop sat empty for a while.  Due to an increase in the price of postage, I'm no longer offering free shipping.  But you'll notice that I'm only charging shipping on the first item in an order.  And I'm not charging the full price of postage - just a small fee to offset that cost.  Thanks for giving me the kick in the pants that I needed to get my shop moving again.


Dropped Off and Dropping Off

Above, the last of the necklaces from the current collection.
Several are available at Besty & Iya and Tumbleweed now.
As of tomorrow now you'll find them at Tender Loving Empire, too.
And next week on the 14th, Union Rose.
A sulu-design etsy update is on its way.


Fifteen Mile Creek

It seems that every time we go camping, I come home with a new favorite campsite.  This weekend was no different.  We went to Fifteen Mile Creek on the east side of Mount Hood and had two perfect days.  Our site was nestled into a crook of the creek, which happened to be a great place for stashing our beer to keep it chilled.  I sat by the creek and read for hours, starting and almost finishing a book from one of Shari's reading lists (I'm looking forward to her next installment). We hiked up to a meadow filled with pretty little flowers and succulents, and we had a clear view of Mount Adams.  And everywhere I turned, I was blown away by the light.


And Now the Earrings

Maybe a sulu-design etsy update soon?
I've got some catching up to do after a wonderful weekend of camping.


More of (Not) the Same

Another grouping of new sulu-design necklaces, these made with beads from Portland's Dava Bead & Trade as well as some from the recent score, thanks to Cheryl.  Soon to follow?  Earrings.