What I've Really Been Up To

A couple weeks ago I met one of my bloggy friends, Cheryl, in person while she was in town for the International Quilt Market.  Cheryl tipped me off to a vendor at the market who had beads for sale.  She knew I'd been in a bit of a jewelry-making slump recently because I'd been having trouble finding beads that excited me.  A new-to-me bead vendor with a fresh selection was just what I needed.  I hunted the vendor down and since then I've been busy with designing and making lots of new necklaces and earrings.  Over the next few days I'll show you exactly what I've been busy making, thanks in big part to Cheryl.  Prepare to scroll.  Soon, you'll be able to find these pieces at the lovely Portland shops that carry sulu-design (listed over there in the sidebar).  If something calls your name before then, e-mail me at sulu-design@hotmail.com and we'll make arrangements to make it yours.










Cheryl Arkison said...

I am SO glad it worked out! And so glad that it is giving you some joy again.

Carolyn said...

oh my god dude these are all fabulous. you're killing me!!!!!!!