The Anti-Barbecue

The weather in Portland this Memorial Day was not conducive to barbecuing.  Not that we have a yard.  Or a grill.  But, you know.  I think about it.

The week before Memorial Day was a pretty long one at work, so I was actually really satisfied that it was grey and rainy here on the holiday - it made me feel better about staying inside and doing all things restful and cozy.  We watched old but new-to-us episodes of Project Runway, we read, we tidied the place up, and we ate.  We ate well.  Better, perhaps, than we would have eaten at a barbecue.  At least better than the pretend barbecue I'd conjured up in my head.

For breakfast I made omelettes inspired by a couple breakfast dishes we've had at Junior's Cafe.  Eggs, sauteed leeks, goat cheese, fresh black pepper, and a drizzle of honey.  Try it.  Amazing.

Lunch was a little... non-lunchy.  The dreary weather had me in a baking mood, so I decided to try out this cream cheese pound cake recipe that I recently bookmarked.  We ate slices of it all afternoon.  Not bad with a little honey drizzled on it, too.  Funny how that works.

And dinner?  Homemade meatballs, ciabatta from Lovejoy Bakers, and a side of baked cabbage (heavy on the olive oil, pepper, and balsamic vinegar) inspired by a dish at Mamma Zu in Richmond, Virginia.  Thanks to my father-in-law, Mike, for getting the recipe.

I never met a grilled meat I didn't like, but I didn't miss the typical barbecue menu one bit.  There will be plenty of time for that this summer.  Right, friends with yards?


LeeAnn said...

If only my husband liked eggs (he's such a weirdo.) So, I'm intrigued with your cabbage dish. Do you bake it sliced or in larger intact portions?

Carolyn said...

Imma need that cabbage recipe, girl. :)

ps sorry I such so bad at commenting. I still check here almost every day though! and read!!