The Difference a Rug Makes

Barry was at a mountain bike race all day last Sunday, so I did what I do best when he's gone all day.  I rearranged our place.  Actually, not our whole place, just our rugs.  All of the furniture is in the same spot, but switching the rugs around made a big difference in the way the place looks.  Especially the one corner of the apartment that I'm always fussy with:

I like that having two little rugs in that corner lightens the space up a lot.  The black rug that was in that corner is now under our bed, and the striped rug that was under our bed is now in the unnamed space between the bed area and bathroom.  I wish I could show you how I got the black rug under our platform bed by myself.  I slithered my way under the bed and essentially did one handed push ups with the bed resting on my back while quickly smoothing the rug out underneath it with my free hand.  It took a ridiculously long time and was probably not the most efficient way to go about the process.  But it's done, I got a great workout doing it, and the rugs are all in good places.  For now.



Connie said...

I have employed that same bed-lift-rug-smooth-out technique. That made me chuckle.

Estate said...

You crack me up! All that time spent at the gym pays off!