These are good.  Really good.  Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside.  And they're cute in a wonky way, too (although not even close to the beauties in the blog post... I've got to work on my form).  I made a couple with salt, a couple with poppy seeds, and a few plain ones (which I think should get an egg wash, too, regardless of what you'll read in the recipe's comment section).   Next time, I'll keep them in the the oven a few more minutes to brown them up a bit more.  With butter and jam, they made a yummy breakfast today.  And with eggs and avocado, those salt bagels are going to make a tasty dinner tonight.


Maryanne said...

Yum... I am making those this weekend! We are partial to them with cream cheese, bacon, arugula and jam which you introduced us to at the market in Portland. (Extra bacon for Nick and Marto!)

Mom said...

When are you going to come to Cleveland and paint, bake, rearrange stuff, etc., etc.,????????

We miss you and Barry!

Love, Mom