Maui: I Had No Idea

I expected to enjoy a break from the gray of Portland.
I expected to like the pace of a vacation on the beach.
I expected to find beautiful scenery in Hawaii.
I expected to have fun with Barry.  That's a given.


I had no idea I'd truly feel like a little kid again.
I had no idea I'd laugh more than I have since I can't remember when.
I had no idea I'd become so fond of a state I'd never thought much about before.
I had no idea I'd cry when we had to leave.  Three separate times.
As a man on the Wiki Wiki Bus at the airport said, "Going home is a son of a gun."
A few days of photos to follow...


Carolyn said...

Woah. !!! I can't wait to hear / see more.

Anonymous said...

sounds (and looks) great suzy...so glad you guys had such a good time! Love,dad

Anonymous said...

I'm catching up and...WOW! Maui! I'm so excited to go look at the other posts. It sounds like an amazing and well deserved vacation for you two. I love that you married your best friend and have such a strong relationship - anyone can see that!

P.S. Wiki wikis!!!! I've only been to Hawaii's airport (lame!) en route to visit family in the Philippines. My mom said that as a toddler I cried because I loved the wiki wiki so much I didn't want to get off to catch our flight. Hahaha!