Maui: Kaupo and Beyond



My favorite part of the road to Hana:
the dirt road past Hana, driving clockwise.
We came upon a pretty little church - St. Joseph in Kaupo.
And the land just beyond it was stunning.
We were so isolated.
One of the best parts of the whole trip.


Maui: The Road to Hana


A road with lots of twists and turns,
hiding lots of little gems in its nooks, 
hugging the side of cliffs,
dipping by waterfalls,
surrounded by lush green.
I had to use Dramamine.


Maui: Haleakala National Park




I've said it before.
And I'm sure I'll say it again.
I never met a National Park I didn't like.


Maui: The Pools

Tide pools, that is.



and Two Tiered:

 (on the hike there)


Maui: I Had No Idea

I expected to enjoy a break from the gray of Portland.
I expected to like the pace of a vacation on the beach.
I expected to find beautiful scenery in Hawaii.
I expected to have fun with Barry.  That's a given.


I had no idea I'd truly feel like a little kid again.
I had no idea I'd laugh more than I have since I can't remember when.
I had no idea I'd become so fond of a state I'd never thought much about before.
I had no idea I'd cry when we had to leave.  Three separate times.
As a man on the Wiki Wiki Bus at the airport said, "Going home is a son of a gun."
A few days of photos to follow...


Out of Office

That was a long blog break I didn't mean to take.  And it's going to be followed by a long break that I do mean to take.  The past few weeks have been busy ones including a wonderful visit with my in-laws and all of the fantastic eating that goes along with such visits (Happy Belated Birthday, Mike!), a broken down car (again), long walks to and from work, and a work trip to LA.  Barry's had his plate full with work, too.  But as of today we're catching our breath.  We're getting on a plane headed to Maui.  Maui!  See you when we return.