Today was one of those days that had me feeling lazy and bored.  I shuffled around the house for a while this morning, tinkering with jewelry, rearranging the maps on our walls, making comforting food (sauteed beet greens to serve with eggs on the biscuits I made yesterday), and fussing with our plants - there's some exciting new growth on many of them, and I'm looking forward to Spring when I can repot several of them.  Barry and I went out for a walk and some coffee.  It's all stuff I like to do, but I wish I'd done something a little more exciting this weekend.  There are a few classes I've been thinking about taking for, um, years now - metalsmithing, pottery, and hip hop dance.  Days like today give me the nudge I need to start exploring something new.




Estate said...

Your bed looks like it levitates!

Cheryl Arkison said...

I've always wanted to learn how to properly mix songs, like a stellar DJ.