Birthday Week Recap (Or, What We Ate)

Barry and I now fall more into the "late thirties" category than "mid thirties" category, so we figured it was time to start acting a little more mature about our birthdays.  Birthday celebrations have, therefore, been reduced from month-long to week-long extravaganzas.  We managed to squeeze a lot of goodness into his birthday week.  And by that I mean we ate a lot.  A lot of really good food.  Oh, and really good drink.  Meals included:

Lunch of Rubens and great beer at Deschutes Brewery to kick off birthday week

Drinks at Whiskey Soda Lounge following an awesome visit to Loyly

A fancy dinner of chicken liver flatbread, tripe and chickpea stew, burnt flour orecchiette with pork and kale, leg of lamb with lentils, a nut torte, and marscapone and honey gelato at Ava Gene's (we weren't joking around with that meal)

A not fancy dinner at Moonshine - not fancy, but just right

A pre-work breakfast of Bob's Red Mill Hot Creamy Rye with brown sugar and dates on Barry's actual birthday (we love Bob's Red Mill)

Dinner at home on birthday night with Castelvetrano olives, funky cheeses, steak and potatoes, and a new favorite dessert - buttermilk honey pie with homemade crust - accompanied by a couple of Barry's favorite beers

There's some buttermilk left in the fridge and a day of celebration left in the week.  We'll make good use of both.

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Anonymous said...

My 2 big rosemary plants have held inside over the winter, will try those potatoes, they look wonderful! Love, Mom