That Jewelry Thing

I don't seem to post about it much anymore.  At least I don't post about the jewelry I make as frequently as I actually make it.  I was really busy with earring and (especially) necklace production before the holidays.  Several collections of pieces came and went without a reference or photo here.  Since most pieces I make are one of a kind, I'd like to be better about documenting them.  I made an effort to snap a couple shots of the recent selection of necklaces that I dropped off at Betsy & Iya last week.  The shop was completely wiped out of sulu-design after the holidays (thank you, Betsy & Iya customers!), so I restocked them with lots of new pieces.  One of them was layered up with Betsy's own designs outside the shop the other day.


Anonymous said...

Oooh! The long necklaces are gor-goeous!!! Glad that you're making so many sales and keeping busy!

Anonymous said...

Oops. In my elation over the prettiness, I spelled gorgeous like an illiterate. My bad :)

Anonymous said...

glad you and the Bear are enjoying the cold...it is very
cccold here but I must confess that being warm inside
with a good book is pretty ok...and I'm counting the days 'til Spring and the days are getting noticeably
longer! Miss you guys, love, dad