I Made Temporary Peace with a Fussy Corner

The space that we lamely refer to as the "listening area" of our apartment always feels a little off to me.  I'd love to have a big old womb chair to stick in the corner so that one of us could cuddle up in it when we're listening to albums.  But we don't have one of those big old womb chairs.  And if we did we'd probably have to fight over who'd get to sit in it.  The funky, paint-covered wooden chair up there (that we are really fond of, don't get me wrong) just can't provide the cuddly comfort of a womb chair.  And it was looking a little silly sitting there on its own.  Without a comfy chair to hang out in, no one's really spending much time in that corner.  We go over there to put a record on and then go hang out in another space.  I figured that if we're not getting something ridiculously cozy like a womb chair, seating that looks intentionally "quick" is the way to go.  It turns out a little stool we've had for years is a good fit there.  It provides a place to sit and look at an album's cover art or to read liner notes for a few minutes, and then get to moving on.  It's a great scale for that corner.  And the stool spins around.  Like a record, baby, right round.  Sorry.


Cheryl Arkison said...

No apology necessary. I get that.

Carolyn said...

Yeah don't ever apologize for that line. :) Heh.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Chery and Carolyn. Never apologize for that awesomemess! Glad you found a temporary solution. Maybe a womb chair or another solution will pop up from the universe for you guys soon!