Hung Jury

I am not normally a fan of puns.  But they seem to be flowing here these days.  Yikes.  I could not stop myself from typing that title up there, as the jury is still out on whether the hanging planters I've recently made will stay or go.  Here's the deal.

I stopped dead in my tracks one day while walking past Gold + Arrow, a hair salon in Downtown Portland that has a gorgeous interior.  Filling up the window of the salon were a bunch of amazing macrame hanging planters filled with beautiful succulents (which you will have some trouble seeing in the photos below, thanks to glare).  I e-mailed Gretchen, the sweet salon owner, who told me that she bought the macrame pieces on etsy and filled them with pots from shops here in town.  I immediately began searching etsy and found myself overwhelmed.  There are lots of great plant hangers on the site, but too many options make me freeze.

After a bit of thawing, I realized that I could start by making some hangers myself.  I happen to have a bunch of leather lace on hand from a collection of leather necklaces I'd worked on last year, and I decided to have a go at making a few hangers using the leather instead of twine.  I used this beginner tutorial (if you decide to use it, pay attention to the comments below the video about measurement) and made a few hangers that are currently nestled in our window bay now.  They're extremely simple and not at all like the ones that blew me away at Gold + Arrow, but I think I'm okay with them for now.  I'll probably do a little more reading and work on more complicated patterns, and maybe add some embellishments (wooden beads? colorful twists of embroidery floss?) to the ones here.  I may also switch out the pots that I've got hanging in them... maybe that hold plants that are a little more dense and a little less spindly.  Lord knows we've got plenty of potted plants to choose from around here.


laundrygirl said...

Very cool!

Mom said...

What goes around comes around! WE had them years ago! Love, Mom

LeeAnn said...

I like! With those gorgeous windows it's a great way to display plants. And, as inspiration hits, you can add something colorful and/or shiny to the leather. Like full tassels to the bottoms of the plants. Or a few big brass beads.

holly said...

those are adorable! they look so great. can we come over for laughing cow turkey burgers and too much wine and port?

Anonymous said...

They look great Suzy!!!...see if you can't find a polarizing filter for your camera. Just by rotating it you
can totally eliminate those nasty reflections (or get very close to it) when shooting thru glass. The filter also works great to intensify blues in the sky or water and
control reflections and glare.
Love, Dad