Cold Outside/Warm Inside

Portland's recent winter weather has been gorgeous.  Freezing cold, yes, but also visually stunning.  Crisp, blue skies during the day.  Romantic evenings filled with moody fog.  My favorite time of day, though, has been early morning.  We've woken up to beautiful, lace-like frost in our neighborhood that makes everything look like it's covered in magic.

I'll admit that I love what I see of the weather when I'm outside in it, a big part of what I love about the cold we're experiencing is how cozy it makes me feel when I'm inside.  I've been in serious housewarming mode for a couple weeks now.  Barry is in on it, too.  I'll share some of the warming that's gone on in our one-room home with you this week.  If you come here for the jewelry, save yourself some time and skip the next several posts...


Nadia said...

Vancouver's been so foggy too!

And yes, I totally get that "let's go back inside to enjoy the cold!" vibe. I've been in a really homey mood myself.

So much so that I've been spending far too much time browsing the Oregon real estate market. Your houses are so cheap!

Cheryl Arkison said...

Ooh, sounds exciting.

Anonymous said...

looks great Suzy...but I'll really be impressed when you
have not only 90 and 45 degree angled pieces, but you
toss in a couple of 29 or 37 degree arrangements...and
it was tough raising a dork so be proud!!! L,dad