Recently in the Kitchen

Dinners have been all about comfort and coziness:
Rutabaga hash with onions and bacon
(from October 2012's Sunset),
Squash-topped shepard's pie
(inspired by a similar recipe in October's 2012's Sunset),
Green curry chicken with peas and potatoes,
Chinese black pepper portk and spinach salad
(from December 2012's Sunset),
Polenta with bacon, kale, and poached eggs
(inspired by a similar recipe in December 2012's Sunset),
Penne with lemon and Brussels sprouts
(inspired by a tortellini recipe in December 2012's Everyday Food):

And on the sweet side,
for my holiday work party this weekend,
Cornmeal cake with candied lemon and
Flourless chocolate-coconut drops
(from December 2012's Everyday Food):


It's Beginning to Look A Little Like


We started holiday preparations earlier than usual.  We're keeping our gift-giving, decorations and holiday plans very simple.  It took me a long time to figure out that I needed to do that.  And it took me even longer to figure out how to do it.  For most of my adult life, this time of year really stressed me out.  But I'm over that now.

I'm relishing the thought of upcoming evenings, cold and dark, sitting by the lights of the tree, getting cozy with books and blankets, and working on craft projects or making cookies if I feel like it.  Maybe I'll watch a Christmas movie or two (any favorites to suggest?).  And I'll definitely drink a few seasonal beers from local breweries.  Sounds good to me.

Say good-bye to Christmas Spirit Sue.


Like I Said


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