Best Visit Ever

I spent this past week in Cleveland visiting my family for Thanksgiving.  It was one of the best visits I've had with them.  My sister and her husband and my brother and his wife are doing amazing jobs raising their beautiful kids.  My parents are always fun to be around.  The weather was gorgeous.  And I was trying to be on better behavior than I usually am during visits home (I tried not to revert to my twelve year old sarcastic self... at least not the entire time).  Our visit flew by way to quickly, although we did somehow manage to squeeze in hours of play of Bananagrams.  I'm already trying to figure out a way to get back for another visit.


Cheryl Arkison said...

It makes me happy to know you are sarcastic. And that is not sarcasm.

Mom said...

Dearest Suzy,

It truly was a wonderful visit. Dad and I continue to be so thankful for the blessing of our children, their spouses that all get along so well, and then of course our incredible grandchildren.

Your help was as always much appreciated with all the food preparation for the splendid Thanksgiving meal at Maryanne and Tony's.

Dad and I treasure the love you and Barry show to your nephews and niece. You must know how they look forward to your visit and enjoy every minute of your time with them. We all can't wait to be together again.

Love always, Mom