Open For Business

Friends, it's been a long, long time since I've added new pieces to my sulu-design etsy shop.  Barry and I started our Christmas shopping this weekend, though, and it made me think that I should have a few new pieces available on-line for holiday gift-giving.  So here we go... a little shop update:

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And check back...
I might have another shop update up my sleeve.
Necklaces, maybe?


Half the Air

One of the highlights of our recent trip to Cleveland was a visit with my family to the Cleveland Museum of Art.  The recent renovations to the building are fantastic and the museum's permanent collection is amazing.  The temporary exhibit that we visited with my niece and nephews was ridiculously fun.  Half the Air in A Given Space by Martin Creed was worth the 45 minute wait to get in. More balloons than you'll ever see on one place.  Static electricity galore.  And uncontrollable laughter.  So good.


Best Visit Ever

I spent this past week in Cleveland visiting my family for Thanksgiving.  It was one of the best visits I've had with them.  My sister and her husband and my brother and his wife are doing amazing jobs raising their beautiful kids.  My parents are always fun to be around.  The weather was gorgeous.  And I was trying to be on better behavior than I usually am during visits home (I tried not to revert to my twelve year old sarcastic self... at least not the entire time).  Our visit flew by way to quickly, although we did somehow manage to squeeze in hours of play of Bananagrams.  I'm already trying to figure out a way to get back for another visit.


sulu-design and little boxes

I'm happy to say that every Portland boutique that carries sulu-design jewelry is participating in the Little Boxes event next week.  If you're in Portland and don't know about this awesome shop local extravaganza, check out the details here.  And while you're tooling around the Little Boxes site, you might find this post that I contributed on the route that I'd take on my day of Little Boxes shopping (and eating).

You should head to the Little Boxes blog to check out
the sandwich that I was photographing for my post
when Barry snapped my photo.
Oh, baby.