Solitude Found

Turns out we don't have to go backpacking to find a camping spot all to ourselves after all.  This weekend Barry and I headed to Bonney Meadows on the east side of Mount Hood.  We had a lovely, rustic campsite and were the only people at the entire campground.  Perfect.  There was a pretty hike down to Boulder Lakes (I took a nice little nap next to one of them), an idyllic grassy meadow with a creek running through it, and a quick hike up to Bonney Butte with amazing views of Mount Hood and the meadow in which we camped.  Since we were car camping, I didn't have to sacrifice on the food and drink front (hello, scrambled eggs with feta, potatoes with red onion, and bacon for breakfast!).  And since the last four miles of the ride there are over some pretty intense terrain (may I recommend a four-wheel drive, high clearance vehicle to get you there?), we were able to escape the hustle and bustle of other campgrounds that have left us a little annoyed this summer.  We're already talking about our next trip back.  It might just be this upcoming weekend.



Anonymous said...

Did you have to use AWD or put your car in 4x4?

Cheryl Arkison said...

I am living vicariously through you. We went to Waterton yesterday and it made me want to magic all the crowds away.

Mike Nettleton said...

Wow. I drove part of that road in our 4Runner and even that was dicey. Nice work. You should also check out Badger Lake which is close by. Or for a shorter drive but less stellar campsite — still pretty untrafficked though — try Devils Half Acre off of Barlow Road. There's a creek, pit toilet and a hiking trail all right there.