from a great trip to see family in Cleveland.

I reconnected with two friends who I hadn't seen in years.
(Proof that it's possible to do without a Facebook account.)
I hope to see a lot more of Elizabeth and Brooke in the future.

I spent lots of time with my sweet nephews and niece,
caught up with my brother and sister and their spouses,
and had good hang out time with my mom and dad.
I might have unleashed my itch to organize
on my parents' guest bedroom closet.
And on their basement.
And on their pantry...

I made quick work of this plum crumble (thanks, Mom).
We celebrated my mom's birthday a few days early
(thanks for the tasty dinner, Maryanne,
and thanks for the cake recipe, Janine).

And I realized that I still have some maturing to do
when it comes to dealing with the little issues
that arise within every family.

Great trip.  Great to be back, too.


Mom said...

Thank you Suzy!

I have had the courage to share the Before and After pantry pics! Scary but true!

Miss you terribly but am continuing with the "paper project" and looking forward to Thanksgiving when Barry will be coming too!

Love always, Mom

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I was at a friend's house and his DVDs were not grouped by director. It's like I went into some sort of a trance and I started organizing them... then I stopped myself & was REALLY embarassed.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a great time! I'm sure your family loved having you and your parents are enjoying the organization.

It's so much fun to reconnect with old friends, Facebook or not.

I read that no matter how old, the family dynamics seem to still continue when you are with your family. Blame the lack of maturity on that ;)

holly said...

Suz! Glad you had some QT with your awesome family. Hope you are staying cool in Portland.
Miss you guys! Oh, and I joined facebook... i know. It was for work mostly. Since I sell Social technology, my new boss insists that we are social ourselves.

Mom said...

Suzy, no wonder the carrot cake was so spectacular and delicious! What a recipe! Thank you, love, Mom