The Dark and the Light of Summer

It's almost August and it's just now starting to feel like summer-for-real in Portland.  On days when it was overcast in June and July (there were lots of those days) I had a few freak-outs that the end of summer was already near.  That summer would be over before it really began.  That Portland was going to be straight up cheated out of summer.  Those days made my heart heavy.  Heavy, people.

But then there have been those days when the sunlight has been absolutely gorgeous, when the temperatures have been more-than-warm without being too hot, when the city of Portland has had a big old smile on its face because summer has landed (there have been lots of those days, too).  On those days, I've run to Sauvie Island for what has become a ritual of berry-picking and beach-bathing (which is bound to be followed by cake-baking).  Or I've jumped on my bike after work and headed to the park to read while the sun has slowly set.  Or Barry and I have strolled around our neighborhood with iced coffees and no agenda.  It's all been in attempt to soak up every summery second possible.  And I've loved it.  But I'll admit that on those days that have looked and felt like what summer should be, that have been filled with the summeriest of summer activities, I haven't been able to fully succumb to summer bliss.  I've been followed around by a little cloud of it's-all-coming-to-an-end-and-soon thinking.

By now I should know that Portland isn't on the same summer schedule as any of the other places I've called home (it has been helpful to have old blog posts to remind me of that, as I seem to forget it every July).  By now I should accept Portland summers for what they are and enjoy them while we've got them instead of wasting any time thinking about how short they are.  But my head is still not there yet.


Nadia said...

Yeah, Vancouver is doing the same sort of thing this year. Oh well! At least I'm getting a little less burnt this year. :)

holly said...

I miss you and can't believe we haven't talked. :(