Kitchen Comfort

Thank you friends, for your sweet comments, your concerned e-mails, your phone calls, and your visits this week.  You guys are good to me, and I truly appreciate it.  Kato was put to sleep on Saturday, and while I get myself all teary eyed when I look at photos of him and his sweet eyes (which I keep doing... I can't stop myself) I feel a lot better now that the actual procedure is over.  There are still a few other unresolved issues that have me a bit unsettled, but I feel a thousand times better than I did last week.

I broke from my morning routine today to spend an extra couple comforting hours at home, preparing food for upcoming meals.  Boiling eggs and potatoes.  Chopping vegetables.  Making pizza dough to freeze.  Now it's time to think about getting to work...

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Mom said...

Dearest Suzy,

What a sweet picture of Kato that Barry posted and a nice doggy tribute, too.

Looks like you were prepared for cooking with mise en place! Very impressed, hope it helped. Love, Mom