Barry's Parents Are in Town

And as usual we are eating our way through Portland.  Brisket sandwiches at Podnah's Pit, barbecue chicken and delicious spoon bread at Grain & Gristle (Barry and I each ordered a special that was meant for two people to share... oops), tasty pizza at Oven & Shaker, pork shank and farfalle at Laurelhurst Market, dinner at Luce tonight, The Woodsman Tavern tomorrow... and detox next week.


holly said...

Hi to M & J!
Sounds like you guys are having another great time.
Hope you are staying dry in Portland and have a Happy 4th.

Mom said...

You know me, I love to eat vicariously, less calories that way!

Everything sounded delicious but no mention of dessert!!!!!!

Love, Momn