Barry's Parents Are in Town

And as usual we are eating our way through Portland.  Brisket sandwiches at Podnah's Pit, barbecue chicken and delicious spoon bread at Grain & Gristle (Barry and I each ordered a special that was meant for two people to share... oops), tasty pizza at Oven & Shaker, pork shank and farfalle at Laurelhurst Market, dinner at Luce tonight, The Woodsman Tavern tomorrow... and detox next week.

The Walking and The Riding

Our car is out of the shop.  Finally!
Fingers crossed that it will stay that way.
I like to walk.  I like to ride my bike.
But I'll admit that I'm psyched
that I won't be doing either
in order to get to work.


Race Night

This time of year, Barry races his bike
once a week at Portland International Raceway.

We miss our race buddies.
Yeah, I mean you, Nettletons.
Hope California is treating you well.


The Good Mod


A modern furniture shop that Barry and I check out every once in a while recently moved its showroom from its Southeast Portland spot to our neighborhood.  We checked it our this weekend and are in love with the huge, raw, industrial, light-filled space.  The grungy parking lot entrance and stairwell up to the fourth floor location are as exciting to me as the shop's vast furniture selection.


Tom Dick and Harry Mountain

Yep.  It's a real place.
With an easy hike up to nice views.
A little snow lingers on the trail, and it's chilly up there.
It's not a bad place to spend a few weekend hours with Traci.
Not bad to end the day with tamales and chili at Moonshine, either.


I Took Comfort in Being a Homebody, Too

You know this about me by now... when things aren't right in my head, I rearrange the physical space around me.  I dust, I vacuum, I mop, I tidy.  There was lots of that and more last week.  But now that I'm feeling better, and now that the weather here may be taking a turn towards actually feeling like summer, I will be out and about this weekend.  What are your weekend plans?


Kitchen Comfort

Thank you friends, for your sweet comments, your concerned e-mails, your phone calls, and your visits this week.  You guys are good to me, and I truly appreciate it.  Kato was put to sleep on Saturday, and while I get myself all teary eyed when I look at photos of him and his sweet eyes (which I keep doing... I can't stop myself) I feel a lot better now that the actual procedure is over.  There are still a few other unresolved issues that have me a bit unsettled, but I feel a thousand times better than I did last week.

I broke from my morning routine today to spend an extra couple comforting hours at home, preparing food for upcoming meals.  Boiling eggs and potatoes.  Chopping vegetables.  Making pizza dough to freeze.  Now it's time to think about getting to work...


Indulging in Some Wallowing

Oh, friends, I'm a mess.  There's the little stuff, like our car issues that are still not sorted out which have made my work commute a chore at times.  There's the extra long stretch at work that I finished a few days ago and the unrealistic stock that I held in the weekend that would follow.  Lots of little things went wrong in those two weekend days that made it a real bummer.  There's the fact that I haven't gotten enough sleep lately which always means trouble for my emotional state.  But all of that stuff is stuff I can deal with.  I'm in full waterworks mode, though, because Kato, whom Barry and I had the pleasure of dog sitting last week, is very old and very sick.  He's going to be put down this week.  And I cannot stop crying about it.  At home.  At work.  At the gym.  I'm a total and complete mess over it, and I'm embarrassed about it, too.  I mean, he's not my dog.  And my reaction to what's happening is pretty intense.  I need to take some time to get myself together.  Back soon-ish.