Train of Thought (With Jewelry at the End)

Day two of our weekend wasn't spent entirely in North Portland.  We started the day at a few of our favorite galleries on the NW Park Blocks.  At Charles A. Hartman Gallery we saw gorgeous paintings by Daniel Robinson that reminded us of Edward Hopper and Giorgio de Chirico and Thomas Hart Benton all rolled into one.  At Augen Gallery we saw the work of Dharma Strasser Maccoll which always makes me think of Jen Judd-McGee.  And we saw pieces by Mary Wells that weren't quite my taste but were absolutely breathtaking in their intricate execution.  At Froelick Gallery, we came across a painting by Miles Cleveland Goodwin that Barry and I both loved.  It was a rather dark painting based on scenes of the northern coast of Oregon and had a nice abstract quality about it even though it was a figurative image.

There's a print of a photo of the Oregon coast that Barry took that's been sitting on our desk for a while.  I haven't tired of looking at it.  The blacks and blues in it are so rich and soothing.  It's a bit dark and totally beautiful.  The jewelry I've worked on recently isn't directly inspired by this or any other specific image.  But when I laid out the new earrings and necklaces to photograph them this morning, I realized that the colors and shapes I've been working with in jewelry as of late pair rather nicely with Barry's photo of the coast.




Stephanie Fazio (aka lealou) said...

REALLY loving these colour combos. The muted golds with the glassy turquoise colours are my faves!

Julie Owsik Ackerman said...

Suz, did you see that MCA died? Been thinking about you and Pauls boutique all day. Miss you. RIP Beasties.