Themes Develop

Apparently car trouble has a way of making me spend quality time with my camera.  It's been documented on several occasions now.  Today was no exception.  Finding our battery dead when I got in the car to leave for work, I ran across the street to a taxi stand and jumped in a cab quickly enough to make it work on time.  I decided to walk home at the end of the workday.  It was dry out (a rarity which one must take advantage of in Portland these days), I love being out in the long shadows that the evening sun creates, and then there's the issue of cab fare.  My hour and a half long walk left me with a ton of photos.  Themes developed among them.  It was a long walk.  It is a long post.

Requisite Blogger Feet

Sidewalks and Their Shadows

Portland Houses

 The Trees, The Trees


Business Buildings

From the Broadway Bridge


Mom said...

How many miles was that????? Those shoes didn't look like "those shoes were made for walkin"! Hope you don't have blisters! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I figure if you have any blisters they're on your shutter
finger where they're mean to be! Love, dad