In that Nook

One little corner of our apartment remains nicely hidden from the rest of the space.  Back behind our desk is where Barry and I set up our work table.  We tucked it back in there so we could make a mess on it (me with beads and chain, he with bike parts and tools) that stays out of sight.  But you know me by now - no mess stays there for long.  It's just nice to have a special little spot for making:

And here's what was in the making this weekend.  A few of the necklaces are for Flirt in Brooklyn, a few are for Tender Loving Empire in downtown Portland, a few will go to Betsy & Iya in NW Portland, and a few are for Union Rose in SE Portland.  Tumbleweed in NE Portland already has a few.  Squint real hard or click to enlarge.


Mom said...

Needless to say everything looks stunning, jewelry, apartment, food,and Portland photos! I can hardly wait for you to come home and work your magic!

Book sounds intriguing - as a home ec major though - we were taught eggs are not hard boiled, they are hard cooked, should not be boiled, eggs should be brought to a simmer, then turned down and finally off, then plunged into cold water. Yolks should be yellow, no green. Don't know if that is still taught as this was 45 years ago!!!!! Love, Mom

sulu-design said...

The author does make the distinction between boiled and cooked, Ma. I was just being lazy with my word choice. She makes the eggs the way you mentioned, which still works after 45 years.

laundrygirl said...

So pretty! The second to the last photo is my favorite!

marissahuber.com said...

I would like to come over, sit on your sofa and read a book and drink coffee with you (and totally steal some necklaces on the way home!)

Looks lovely! It's such a luxury to have a defined (and neatly organized) workspace. I need to get in mine this weekend!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Thanks for sharin' (I'm feelin' kind-a southern at the moment and droppin' my g's in comments sections today, but still pronouncing them in that CA accent that no one 'round here can place).

Hey Marissa, I'll distract her + you grab some necklaces for me too!