Punctuation Plan

The past two weeks kind of got away from me.  There's not too much to report, other than Barry and I went on a lovely hike at Wahkeena Falls last weekend:

I'd gotten into a state of blue a couple weeks ago that's gone on and on.  It's been frustrating.  Nothing's really wrong.  Nothing should be getting me down.  It's been grey and rainy in Portland and that never helps my mood, but really I have nothing to complain about.  Things are actually pretty great right now.  So today I've decided it's time to shake my bad mood.  It's lasted long enough.  My putting-a-period-on the blues strategy includes:

Putzing around the apartment a bit.  Some alone time at home without anything major on my to-do list is always good for me.  I've got the place to myself for a couple days while Barry is working in California (and by working I mean mountain biking - not a bad job he's got, huh?) and intend on taking advantage of it.

Diving into the stack of novels I just checked out of the library.

Listening to NPR on my little transistor radio while I work on new necklaces.

Making a comforting lunch of polenta with poached eggs and Brussels sprouts, and taking myself out to dinner later this evening.

And not much else.  Back tomorrow...


rachel said...

That sounds lovely. I'm in a bit of a funk myself and might steal a few of your ideas. Enjoy it!

Mariss said...

Hope your funk is sorting itself out. The change of seasons and some of that comes my way sometimes too. I find that staying away from books such as THE ROAD is crucial to getting over the hump. ha! Although, after finally reading the road, I felt super lucky about life for a bit....

Miss your space! Been MIA again :)