Promise of May Flowers?

When I was growing up, my mother had a Camus quotation stuck to the refrigerator: "In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."  I'm trying to remember that now as we are in the depths of a dreary Portland spring.  Thank goodness there's an invincible beer-brewing force in Portland, too.

We've been passing these grey, rainy days by visiting the establishments that give us comfort: Moonshine (just a block or so away from us and always playing great music, it's officially our spot now); Broder (we sometimes forget to go to  places like this that are always simply good); Little T; Dig A Pony (only in the afternoon for us); and The New Old Lompoc (sadly, as of last week, closed until 2013).

I'm loving Barry's recent images of our outings (hmmm... seems I take photos in and on our way to bars and he takes photos of our outdoor excursions.)

And when we do catch a glimpse of the sun for an hour or so, we madly dash outside to soak up as much of it as we can.  A falafel picnic in the park, quick bike rides, strolls around town... whatever we can squeeze in between the raindrops.


Carolyn said...

I love all our inside shots here, girlie.

Carolyn said...

YOUR not 'our'. sorry. bad typing :)